Must-Know Elevator Terminology For Building Owners And Managers

by Lonnie Mackenzie | Dec 7, 2021| Uncategorized | 0 comments

Unless you happen to be studying for your elevator mechanic's license, you probably don't need to know your bolster assembly from your buffer channel. But as a property owner or manager, you are responsible for ensuring safety and functionality. Knowing some basic elevator terminology will help you troubleshoot, explain issues accurately to your elevator service provider, and keep your tenants and guests moving efficiently.

Need-to-Know Terms:

Audible Indicators: To facilitate full accessibility, elevators are equipped with audible indicators to annunciate direction and other important information. For example, a floor passing chime indicates the passing of each floor, and a nudging buzzer sounds when passengers stand in front of the open door for too long

Cab:This is the enclosure on the elevator platform which carries passengers.

Car Door Rollers and Hall Door Rollers: These are the wheels that the elevator doors glide on.

Controller:The controller is the brain of the elevator and facilitates its electrical/computer operations, including accelerating, deceleration, door opening, and levelling. For many elevator models, controller cabinets are installed in a control room above the hoist-way/shaft.