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You’ve been trained to help people out of a burning building, to respond to First Aid emergencies, to put out fires…

BUT… do you know how to respond to elevator entrapment calls safely and professionally? Responder Elevator Training will teach you how!



Responder Elevator Training, or RET, is a unique set of courses developed by elevator professional and Certified Safety Officer Lonnie Mackenzie. It is geared toward providing the insight and tools needed when dealing with an elevator entrapment call.

Lonnie’s background as a First Responder allows him insight into what firefighters face when walking into a dangerous and unknown situation – and he applies current ASME standards to ensure that best practices are always adhered to.

RET Level 1 is a fully online course which provides the theory and best practices involved with elevator entrapment rescue. It is a precursor to the in-person RET Level 2 class, which verifies competence in these skills via hands-on demonstration.

The Benefit of Experience

There are few elevator rescue situations that Lonnie Mackenzie hasn’t faced in his decades in the industry – he will explain the various scenarios you may face.

The Rule of Threes™

You will learn about how to apply the Rule of Threes™ to every elevator call, to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

You’ll also learn about the types of people involved in any elevator rescue, and the reaction types of people entrapped.

Training that goes with you anywhere

RET Level 1 is a fully-online, interactive training that you can carry with you anywhere, and engage with on your laptop, tablet or phone!

Your training department will realize cost savings for travel, accommodation and overtime – and you will cement your reputation as a certified elevator rescue responder!


Do you know how to assess an elevator entrapment situation?
The lives of the people entrapped are in your hands. Get first-hand knowledge from an elevator professional,
and learn how to choose the right solution for every situation.

find out now!


What makes RET Level 1 different from anything else out there?

  • The content was developed by an elevator professional with 30 years in the industry, as well as First Responder training. This gives a unique perspective on what you need to know during elevator calls.
  • Learners will find out about the Rule of Threes, a system developed by Lonnie Mackenzie to assess elevator rescue situations.
  • The interactive online delivery of RET Level 1 means learners can access training anywhere, anytime. Discussion boards offer a two-way conversation between learners and instructors. And departments will experience a cost savings in travel, accommodation and overtime.


An excerpt from the feedback RET Level 1 has generated:

"At KSPC are very appreciative of the training courses ABCO has developed around elevator rescue that specifically target the fire/emergency response industry and being able to use them to prepare our team. It was very evident that a lot of industry experience and passion went into the Level 1 and Level 2 training to create true value and not a check the risk box exercise. The way that Level 1 was laid out in the online LMS portal was very accessible and user friendly. We were a bit skeptical at first with online training around a such a technical topic but it certainly surpassed expectations and now given the option we wouldn’t go back to in person for the Level 1. The online theory part allowed us to fit it into our 24/7 shift scheudle with ease and made training much more cost effective on our end. Scheduling at times is one of our largest hurdles to training and this program removed that while still delivering a very interactive and technical training. As far as the KSPC ERT team is concerned we would highly recommend this training for anyone who has elevators within their jurisdiction. We have some new members coming into the team so will be looking to add some more people to go through once they are settled in."

- Jordan Hintz, CRST
K+S Potash Canada

“You’re killing it! A very informative and a well thought out course. It was professionally narrated and precise with the information without being overwhelming or speaking beyond my entry level vocabulary. A worthy course for all first responders.”

- Jason Dundas
Firefighter, Regina Fire and Protective Services

"Very good hands-on learning course"
"Course was great. Really liked the new format and the new pocket guide!"
"Course was overall great. Instructors were knowledgeable and answered all my questions."
"Very well done. Would do it again."

- Learners at a recent course at K+S Potash Canada


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